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We interrupt this hiatus with new content

What in the name of the all-mighty Zeus just *) happened?

First everything here was nice and purty and in Finnish, and now you need to deal with this non-native anglo-american gibberish. Because of this thing is running on WordPress – the holiest (heh) system in the world – the site probably got hacked and I’m a Finnish hating script kiddie. OR I just randomly decided to reboot Planet Jone in English.

I’ll let you know when I know more.

In other news today: the logo of the site just exploded as I updated WordPress. So, in fact, thus far the Planet Jone Reb00ted is officially worse than the original. I like where this is going.

*) Stretching the definition of “just” a bit. I’m of the age that five years falls under the maximum limit of “just”.

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