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Making games in five minute chunks

I’ve been in game business for over a decade *), and I cannot imagine anything more fun to have for a job. It doesn’t even make sense that one can earn his bread by sitting around playing games– uh, I mean working very hard and long hours and bustin’ ass and not blogging about it … to make and support games. We live in a nerdy world, but I like it.

Anyhow, my point actually was that in addition to working in games biz full-time, I have a yearning to make some simple indie, amateur, non-commercial, no-audience, doomed-to-oblivion stuff. It just sounds like a smart thing to do.

Having a real full-time job and a family including some short people living in the house, the reality is that my average available time for indie development is about 5 minutes per day. So, I’ll need one hell of a project plan to release a game before the year 2525, but it’s not going to stop me. My dying of old age is. But, it hasn’t happened yet, so how do I even know it’s a thing?

Yeah. This whole blog could have been summarized by saying “Hmm, I should make an indie game, but I don’t really have the time”, but like most old people, I like to ramble.

*) The implications of this are clear to me, so when I visited GDC 2015, I made a point to see the session “Still Gaming After All These Years” which covered geezer developers over 50 **) and what’s it like to be old and still want to make games. If you have GDC Vault access, check it here:

**) NO, I’M NOT 50. I just have a suspicion it is my destiny to be that.

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