Making Games

Does a goal make a sound if nobody knows where it is?

As I’ve seen and experienced plenty of professional game projects from start to finish, and I’ve been on the dark side (= a game producer), I presume I have a somewhat realistic-ish understanding of how much pain, tears, blood, oil, radioactive rods and rock-offs against the devil it is to get a game done.

And then to make it fun.

And then to make moolah out of it or there’s no second game.

For my project, this has led me to a couple of mitigating factors, as we in the game producing land like to say:

  1. There’s no timeline
  2. There’s no objective to make moolah
  3. Take as many shortcuts as is possible
  4. Protect the innocent
  5. (classified)

Sounds like a proper indie venture, eh?

This post was provided by the department of expectation management, soon to be renamed department of no expectations.


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