Making Games

Shortcut. Such a wonderful word!

During the last transmission I said: “Take as many shortcuts as is possible”. By this I mean – as the lack of the [TIME] resource is so pressing – I need to regulate the spending of said resource.

Things I will do:

  • Minimize the scope of the game concept. When it’s minimized, split it in half. Then, put it in a meat-grinder. Lastly, call Elon Musk for a rental space rocket and shoot the scope into a black hole to squeeze the rest of the excess features out. After that it’s probably a bit too large for me, but it’s not like all the game concepts in the world don’t start as too large.
  • Use as many existing developing tools as possible. It seems that the Internet tubes are now full of things that you only need to press a button and a game appears.
  • Steal assets from Google Images. Not really… There are other places to steal from.
  • Prepare to coax, threaten or pay friends to help out with some of the content. Related formula: Friends * hours of begging for free labor = enemies. What’s n?
  • Look at crowd-sourcing services. They’re mighty purty.

Things I won’t do:

  • Worry.
  • Notice that instead of furthering development, I’m wasting time writing a blog.


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