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Basically just a long-winded status update

Did I mention Unity v5.1 is pretty cool? I personally skipped everything from Unity version 1.0 ’til 5.0, which is like skipping harvesting wheat, slaughtering cows and building an oven – and instead going straight to eating tasty, grease-drippin’ pepperoni pizza. Yes, harvesting, slaughtering and oven-building are the only steps you have before pizza.

Unlike failed pizza analogies, Unity 5.1 feels like a complete package where everything works as you expect it to, and you’re not left crying about a feature you would absolutely need to get anything done. And downloading and running it is free. Amazing times. Thanks Obama.

Because I’m pedantic veering on being German, instead of just jumping to create the best game in the universe, I actually started by reading the Unity manuals and doing Unity tutorials. Studying kinda diminishes the rockstar vibe I have going on, but hey.

Thus far, I have completed three triple-A games– uh, tutorials.

  • The Clock of Doom (It’s a working analogue clock that displays time! Whaat! Magic!)
  • The Balls of Doom (I guess you could call this a game. You roll a ball to collect cubes… bit of snazzy PR there with the plural “balls”, because there’s actually only one.)
  • Attack on Planet Jone (At this point I felt the “of Doom” brand had run its course and people were looking for something fresh.)

To be honest, Attack on Planet Jone is still in development, but after it’s done, I shall begin to work on The First Actual Game That Is Not Yet The Game I Intend To Do But I Want To Make One From Beginning To End To Understand The Complete Pipeline. By the way, for a modest free, I’m available for brainstorming names for your game and/or other entertainment product too.

PS. Like George R.R. Martin and his little fantasy scribblings vs. the HBO tv-series, my blog posts are catching up with the actual development now. The pressure is immense. I’m glad nobody reads these posts – buys me some time.

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