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Quaternions keep falling on my head

I like how my brain tries to hide at the back of my skull and pretend it’s out-of-office when it needs to grasp things like Quaternion. I’m not even dreaming of actually understanding what it is, but would be great if I could remember how to write it. Or even the letter with which the word begins.

Wikipedia says about Quaternion: a complex number of the form w + xi + yj + zk, where w, x, y, z are real numbers and i, j, k are imaginary units that satisfy certain conditions. OH YES, INDEED. Apparently it’s also a thingamabob in Unity/C# that can help you, um, rotate things.

In conclusion, I believe my best bet is to not need to use a quaternion in the game I’m going to create, because if I need to understand this …


…I’m going back to bed.

Whoa, even just steal-copy-pasting that pic on this blog makes me feel like this. (Towards the quaternion, not you, the reader. I ain’t in that deep yet.)

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