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Taking it even easier

The First Actual Game That Is Not Yet The Game I Intend To Do But I Want To Make One From Beginning To End To Understand The Complete Pipeline is now officially kicked off! Exclamation mark! One!

After much deliberation and bottles of imagined red wine whilst wearing a basker, I felt that even though I seem to have my game naming policy nailed down, I’m not yet taking enough short-cuts as required by the Planet Jone development guidelines.

So off I went, Googling and Binging and DuckDuckGoing (they need to work on their verbs), and back I game, clutching a fresh copy of Playmaker in my arthritic hands. Playmaker is like a Unity game-creation plugin for idiots, and I’m smack-dab in the middle of that target audience.

They call themselves “visual scripting for Unity”, and it’s a fair description. Instead of having to cumbersomely press tens of different looking buttons on your keyboard, you can just wave your magic mouse with one to two buttons and a game appears!

So, Playmaker is the official Planet Jone short-cut enabling tool of choice… for now.

Meanwhile, I also started to create an old-school high level design document for TFAGTINYTGIITDBIWTMOFBTETUTCP. (Note to self: acronymized like that it sounds almost like someone keen on hate-speechin’ having a seizure… might need to rename the project.) Some teasers from the vision part of said document:

  • Sci-fi – downward progressing cave … ON THE MOON?
  • The hero is a robot that gets re-programmed after every level?
  • At the end, a button mashing event that lets you blow up something
  • Would be great if levels above and below would stack up somehow, so you’d get a good feeling of layers?
  • Is it dinner time already?

Wait, is it dinner time already?! 

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