Making Games

A weird way to reveal a game name

I wish I could hire the below guy to score the first Planet Jone game:

But because I can’t, in honor of the above guy, the first game shall henceforth be called..


(By the way, is the red color a conscious choice? Is it a hint of things to come?)

To put you in the right mood (although since you watched the YouTube link, I think you already are), here are the other alternatives I considered as titles:

  • Must be a Hero
  • Brave Astronaut
  • Space Hero
  • Captain Lunar
  • Moon Hero
  • Lunar Redemption

Looking at the themes on that list, I think …


… makes total sense.

What? One more time ? Okay, here goes. The Game Formerly Known As The First Actual Game That Is Not Yet The Game I Intend To Do But I Want To Make One From Beginning To End To Understand The Complete Pipeline is now called:


(Now, go re-watch Aleksei Arkhipovsky shred that balalaika.)


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