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I’m glad it’s a legit art style now

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that contrary to what I hoped would come from all this science and progress and quantum mechanics, the amount of hours in a day hasn’t increased at all. I mean, what the hell.

Because of science failing again 1) my belief in his noodliness has grown stronger; 2) I chose pixel art as the way to go for Operation Balalaika. It’s the only thing I can draw fast enough. You know, I need to keep up with the programming department’s constant nagging. Who knows what they code if they don’t get the art content soon enough. A new social media platform? A search engine to rival Google? NO. Can’t have that. So, no sweet 4d rendered lightfield virtual augment art for Operation Balalaika. (But, on the other hand, no ASCII art either.)

Saving time and cutting costs is of course what game development should be all about, and pixel art fits the bill. But, to be honest, I actually like dem chunky pixels also because they seem to work kinda like written word – your imagination fills in what the eyes can’t see. And, I like to wallow in gaming nostalgia, since science has proven that everything was better back in the day and also that grass grows better if I can keep the damn kids off it.

Yes, yes, I know there can never be enough science bashing on the internet, but it’s time to post the first pic from Operation Balalaika’s 192 times 108 pixel glory. Word of warning, though. The picture you’re about to see might redefine your perception of beauty.

level_template_192x108_base(Hmm. There seems to be some anti-alcohol messaging in this picture that could be harmful to children. I’ll need to book a serious meeting with the head of the art department.)


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The realities of game production are humorously examined in this piece. Science fiction’s promises of more hours in a day haven’t come true.

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