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Citizens against arbitrary word-hatin’

My career as a hardcore user acquisition manager ended abruptly – some people whisper even before it started – because the Facebook people are word-hating, Commodore 64 dissing monsters. I tried to use 14 dollars of real, cold, hard American currency to promote the Planet Jone Facebook page, but this is what they tell me:


Too much text? Have they not seen this blog, this is all about too much text. (And too much formatting.) Can somebody help me calculate how do I decrease the amount of text in the below image to 20% or lower? What is the going rate of a letter against a pixel of a picture? Do I use a ruler or a some sort of a weighing scale to measure it? Is The Social Network a documentary? Why do I need to use a separate Messenger app on my iPhone as one app was just fine?


PS. You can follow this blog at if you so wish. It just won’t have any other followers, because it contains too much text to be advertised.

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