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Editor’s note: I gotta say that this post is pretty boring, and if you read it, you might get the wrong impression about Planet Jone, a.k.a. the Least Boring Site on the Northern Hemisphere and/or slip into a coma. But I wrote it, so I’m posting. Just go ahead and try to stop me.

The latest sprint (professional level term-dropping: ding! five bonus points!) was awesome in that nothing got done. After many an hour of life wasted, the game is still at version 0.1.1, the Cosmonaut still bounces around in only two sad levels, and burn-down charts are flat-lining like an old fat guy after eating one deep-fried Mars bar too many. (Note to self: try deep-fried Mars when have chance. They look de-lish!)

This weekend was all about cleaning up some s#it. It will supposedly help me work faster and keep the rest of the project from careening down into the ravine of convoluted confusion. To make it all feel worthwhile, I shall now create a list of bullet-points:

  • Updated Android Studio and all Android related crap with it. No idea if this did any good, but I you believe in Santa, you’ll believe this was useful too.
  • File structure renamed (from things like “whazdisfile.psd” to “UI.psd”, and folders like “letmeworryaboutthislater” to “Scenes”)
  • Bitbucket Project renamed (this truly was “Playmakerinitialtest”, which I think is a nice name for a game, but I’m not sure if Hollywood would buy the movie-rights with that title. Gotta bow down to The Man every now and then.)
  • Removed all sorts of crap I’ve put into my Git repository and then, marked Unity’s “Library” and “Builds”, etc. to be ignored to save space on the the hard-drive of the Internet.
  • Moved from ye olde GUI to the modern gold-plated Unity UI. (I dunno why the jeepers did I initially start using a decade old Unity user-interface solution as the new one already existed when I started. Probably related to my mental abilities.)
  • Switched fonts, from Arial to 04b03. I’ve loved this pixel font since the beginning of time. Take a peek here: font link.
  • Updated Unity from 5.2.2 to 5.3 (Note: This is fore-shadowing for the drama in rest of this blog post)
  • Downloaded, installed and investigated the Playmaker Ecosystem – kinda like the Asset Store of Playmaker.
  • Configured Dropbox and 1Password on Android for quicker build turnaround. Even with this one-man development I’ve got going on, there’s an insane number of new builds turning up, so it made sense to optimize the flow from building to running the app.
  • Disabled Unity Cloud Webplayer build, added WebGL as all browser supported. The latter may help me post a Lite version of the game here some day.
  • Started to use a master PSD with level decorations that are linked from their own separate PSDs, essentially letting me edit a decoration on its own if I want to, but also to create levels by dragging and dropping them from the master file, AND having the levels automatically be updated with the new decos, if I choose to change one. Man, Photoshop has come so far since the 90s I used it last.
  • Figured out how to store credentials into TortoiseGit to be able to push updates without entering name and password every. Single. Time. For. Weeks. And. Weeks. (I know, admitting things like this will totally eliminate the five points I gained in the first sentence of the post.)

And that’s not all: I also spend an eternity (in dog-years) figuring out why in the goddarn heck did the touch controls for the start button stop working after all the cleaning up I just did!

Let it be known, for the future generations that will find this post on a papyrus under the yellow dust of nuclear wars long past, that don’t have the motherbleeping ‘unity version’ in the motherbleeping project target settings be something else than the actual version of Unity version you’re using. I did, and I shall never get over the three-day troubleshooting and near-suicidal thoughts it caused.

Here’s is the previous chapter in visual form for the less-reading inclined of us:

(Update 2016-02-01: Thanks to a regular reader and a fan from Tampere, the above image has now been professionally proof-read to be typo-free.)

Anyways. Worst thing about getting everything cleaned up and working is that there are no more excuses to procrastinate on the actual game development.

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