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What’s Russian for “butt”?

To let you off the hook, it’s “попа”. 

I managed to implement speech bubbles *) for the heroic cosmonaut of Operation Balalaika to share his wisdom, and all was good for one second. Then it dawned on me that when he falls into a pit and, for example, dies, maybe there should be less wisdom and more cussing? What does a cosmonaut say when he kicks the bucket, anyways?

Then I had the bright idea of “oh mama, because he curses in Russian, I can sneak in maximum offensiveness, as long as I’m being cyrillic!” Then I remembered that actual Russians exist, that Google Play and App Store reviewers might know Russian and ban the game, and as the icing on the cake, offensiveness is nowadays against the law in Russia.  Maybe I should try to avoid jail-time in any country, at least with the first game? Second one – I’m probably already in Oz.

This high-priority, high-impact investigative work eventually lead me to an article How to Curse Like a Russian Kindergartner and I finally found my intellectual peers. You can’t throw me in the dungeon for какашка humor, eh, Putin?

*) Speech bubbles? Indeed, my dear попа глава **), because of the ‘no hope of success‘ style of indie development, I’m going for story driven stuff. Text! Walls of it! On mobile! Sentences! Dialogue! Haha, bad business! I love it!

**) Yeah, I Google Translated this to see if it made sense and it didn’t.  

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