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Let’s pause for a moment

Remember last time when I posted a screenshot? That was just an elaborate ruse. All made up in Photoshop! Pretty sad really, because if you can’t trust the Internet, what can you trust?

After this dramatic, heart-freezing, audience-destroying confession, I will try to buy back your trust  by presenting you with an ACTUAL, annotated-but-unaltered screenshot I just took with my iPhone while playing the game. Here it be:


Due to the TLDR complains received, it’s also a visual explanation on some stuff that I have implemented. (Although, now that I think of it, did it really help to move all the words INTO a picture?)

But, let us focus on the Pause Button in the top-right corner for a second. I’ve been in game biz for 10+ years, but this was the first time EVER EVER when I had to consider how pausing a game works. What is a pause? What is paused? How to pause the whatness anyway? HOW CAN I UNPAUSE?

First I was like “whaaat“, “fffuuuu” and “why me“, but then I was like “aah, I love you Unity, why won’t you marry me, polygamy is totally legal in Finland“, because in the end, it was a matter of just setting Unity’s “time scale” to zero, which paused the movement and animation, and disabling controls, which prevented the game from sneakily accepting user commands even though it was supposed to just chill.

So. Instead of having fun in the game, you can now pause it. Victory.

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