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You thought Operation Balalaika was dead, didn’t you? I was away for about two weeks, and you’re already booking a crypt, hiring a funeral marching band and dispersing the project’s ashes to the sea. Well the joke’s on you, since here’s a full-length 6 second video of the first level, wherein our hero, the Cosmonaut, struggles to open the door of his space ship:

[Here was a video, but is no more. The wonders of technology.]

Also, come to think of it – where did you get the ashes to disperse? You’re the infamous indie game project killer, aren’t you? No? Well, I’m calling the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s office and you will be!

Next time you won’t be so hasty to believe this game will never be done.

PS. Would you mind if I pushed the deadline a bit? Summer 2016 suddenly seems so close.

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