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Technical problems and Indiana Jones

Remember the times we had back in the 14th of June, 2015, when we were reading this blog post and were both so happy about all technical issues being solved?

Well, turns out we were just young and foolish. I heard you turned rogue and ended up in a prison somewhere in South America, which is bad, but even worse, I’ve been wasting time on technical problems that weren’t supposed to be there.

I created a handy list of the recent problems so you can skip it and continue reading after the list:

  • Unity keeps crashing on some display driver issue, even though my display driver is just fine for all other purposes
  • Playmaker’s Get Component and Set Component actions SOMETIMES but not ALWAYS break the iOS build. The fun of this arises from the fact that most of the Playmaker documentation seems to be from 2011, and only after a sweaty night of redundant debugging I found a random forum post saying that you shouldn’t use these on iOS
  • Playmaker’s Global Variables sometimes randomly break down in flames: there’s duplicates, variables switch places in the states, etc. Are these Global Variables or Global Politics, huh?
  • I’m forced to fight a Columbian gang leader in a duel to the death for some disrespect issue – no wait, I think this was one your problems

ANYWAYS. On a positive note, there’s now crap in the game. You know, going for a humorous game and all, I think it’s funny to have the hero just inadvertently kick crap around and break random things as he goes – not of out spite, but by accident, like Indiana Jones, who always destroys the ancient sites he raids. I know Spielberg’s directorial manual has a “break crap” directive in it. (It’s a shame that they over-blew the directive on Indy 4, breaking the whole movie.)

exhibit_A_crap (Exhibit A.)

By the way, are you sure I said the release date was summer 2016, and not summer 2017? It’s easy to mix up the years here in the future with all the self-driving cars, you know.

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