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The Art of the Game Design Document

One concrete takeaway from my professional game design past is that I know how to write a rock-solid game design document, or a GDD for you acronym lovers out there. If you don’t know what that is, think Moses and his stone tablets. What those tablets are for humankind, the GDD is for a game. *)

Because the Internet is based on proven facts and the ability of following the guideline of “jpg or didn’t happen”, here’s the official document page for Operation Balalaika’s level 06:

Level 05 as Moses laid it out

Yeah, suckers! Feast your eyes on those teleportation pads! You shall never find out what the patterns to complete the level are! Ha-ha, I win!

*) Already obsolete when it comes out and impossible to modify? Fantastical manifestation of the imagination? A dictatorial slide-deck, which nobody reads? I feel your pain, Moses!

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