Making Games

Skipping to the end

There comes a time in your life… when you have made so many levels that playing through them all to test a particular one – at the end – takes so much effort you rather go outside and count if there truly are more grains of sand on the beach than stars in the sky.

So, after a I had counted about a fistful of sand, it occurred to me that what I need is a DEBUG MENU! I ran back to the house, dropped the sand on the floor, noticed an angry wife, vacuumed up the sand and then whacked on my keyboard until this came out:


This magnificent piece of engineering allows me to jump into any level whenever I feel like it. I.e. ALL THE TIME.

Now I only need to remember to switch this off for the actual release. To make it extra hard, the debug menu has no visible icon, which makes is easy to forget – I don’t want the future me to get off too easy.

(For more information on the topic of this post, please read this NPR article.)



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