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It’s finally complete! Done! Yes!

Oh, not Operation Balalaika, no no. I mean my Pelit collection. I just received my 1990 edition of the Pelit book, and I now have a complete collection of all the Pelit publications from books to magazines from 1987 to 2016!

I basically would have always had the complete collection, if it wasn’t for an unknown scoundrel who loaned this 1990 book from me in the, well, 90s, never to retun it. Mr. Thief, if you’re reading this: you caused me decades worth of unfulfillment, which only now has subsided. I hope it was worth it. (Btw, you should still return it. This copy is not in a great shape.)

Here’s a picture:


The first article I’m gonna read is “Can you play on a Mac?” since I’m pretty darn sure you can’t.

PS. This is the sort of post that comes from the Unity update jitters; I’m currently waiting for Unity to update from 5.2.3 to 5.3.4, to maybe fix a thing that prevents me to getting the info if a scene exists in the build, which I need to make the Debug Menu V2: Revenge of the Debug Menu.

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