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Old Games and Windows

Here, as promised by the topic:


I think you can see the monitor is off, i.e. I’m not developing Operation Balalaika, just sitting on my butt playing Day of the Tentacle, while a Hobot robot from Japan is cleaning my windows.

Never mind Op. Balalaika, since DOTT is still, after 23 years, delicious! Compared to the remastered (or should I say who-the-hell-came-up-with-that-fugly-art-style’stered) Monkey Island games, DOTT Remastered is well done and actually deserves the tag “remastered”.

The new graphics work so well that I basically constantly accidentally think the game always looked like that. The story & dialogue is still fun, the characters great, the music magical and it plays well even on a phone. Only the inventory UI sucks, but isn’t a showstopper.

I dunno who owns the IP, but a Maniac Mansion 3: Day of the Tentacle 2 would be in order right about now. It doesn’t need anything fancy, just good writing and funny animations.

PS. The window cleaning robot also works well, but if you plan to buy only one thing this year, buy DOTT, and get Hobot next year.

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