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What’s this, a milestone for ants?

Operation Balalaika is a weird little game, because it contains multiple small game mechanics, and I’m happy to announce that they’re now all… abandoned!

(‘Cuz you can’t really say “finished” about art. At least three separate guys have came up with this quote while someone was listening ready to slap a meme into Internets and print some motivational posters: Leo, Mr. Forster and Paul Valery.)

Anyways, the fact that the game mechanics are DONE, BIATCH made me smile for like more than fifty seconds, since the completion of the mechanics was one of the mini milestones I’ve set to myself. Keeping the inspiration alive with any (legal – or even illegal if you don’t get caught) means possible is imperative for a solo indie project. Most projects are slowly abandoned because if inspiration gauge hits zero, it never recovers, and with all due respect to The Abandonment Trio presented above, I’d rather finish than abandon things.

I’ve found these mini milestones to be a small, but handy tool in getting things done, as long as they’re concretely written down somewhere where I can tick a box after the milestone is completed. (I actually do this in two separate places: my masterplan Excel sheet and in my general To-Do app. Two boxes to tick for one milestone… such happiness … such meaning to life…)

The next milestones now are finishing the small batches of levels for each mechanic. Each batch is a milestone, and each batch is a box tick. I only try to look at the nearest mini milestones to try to avoid paralysis by analysis of all the remaining work. After taking some Valium, I nevertheless have listed also all the remaining milestones for the whole project too, I just don’t look a it. In fact, the overall plan is like a well-repressed childhood trauma: I know it happened, and it’s still somewhere there, I just can’t remember the details anymore and it only surfaces as two-week-long drinking binges and bouts of crying and wailing when someone asks why the game is not released yet.

Hmm, all this makes me wonder if you can ever finish a blog post either, or can you just

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