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Migration complete

Hi there, you might remember me from this blog, although because the blog doesn’t have any readers (I just checked from WordPress stats, so it’s a true fact), you might not.

Let’s pretend you do, so I can tell you one thing:

Operation Balalaika has been officially migrated from ye olde Unity 5.3.5 to brand-spanking-almost-from-this-year Unity 2017.4!

The completion level of Op-Bala took maybe a tiny step backward as some funky new bugs were introduced, like the pixely art being a bit squished, and some of the collisions preventing progress – because Unity has changed some sprite and collider stuff – but this nevertheless feels like a classic, presidential #WinningSoMuchYoullGetTiredOfWinning moment!

As a reward for myself, I drew myself.

Migrating old crap into new crap is more of an art than science, especially when there’s many new versions to the platform, and on their own separate tracks add-ons have updated too. (And, if like me, you don’t really know what you’re doing.) Naturally, not all the platforms versions and add-ons sync up, and there’s no comprehensive documentation on the add-ons, so it’s magical trial and error kinda deal to get things working.

Took me many days, and eventually I decided to just randomly pick some major versions that were not too far off from each other and prayed to the almight migration gods that I would get lucky. As a sacrifice to those bastards, I did a clean install of Playmaker, which worked out in the end.

What’s the one thing you could learn from this? Backups! Backup all the things all the time! That way you have the peace of mind to just randomly push buttons and install and remove things as you go. The other thing is to make sure you’re born very lucky.

Okay, the next step is to choose one: 1) develop the game so it would get released someday, OR 2) continue tinkering on irrelevant bugs and issues. Hmm.

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