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Must… simplify…

The avalanche of comments from the previous post proved that both emotially and data-drivenly, people hate blocky pixels and love 4K ultra high-def graphics. If you can’t be arsed to click to see the comment avalanche for yourself, here’s just a tiny sampling of the huge amount of comments as proof:

Because I have only mad denialism on my side, I continued to think about the added workload of migrating from pixel art to, uh actual art (?).

The main problem is that the very laws of physics and human decency prevent anyone from doing actual frame animations – drawing each frame by hand – but programmatically making pieces of art rotate and bounce is possible and somewhat easy in Unity.

The noodly-armed Cosmonaut I drew previously would require frame animation, so I whipped out my trusty ol’ Simplifinator ™ and drew another version that doesn’t bother with joints and multi-parted appendages of any sort.

This new guy might be animatable, and s/he makes me laugh because s/he looks so [politically incorrect term removed by term police]. *)

Also, before managing to publish this post, I did a rough animation test to get a feeling on if animationing is possible with my time & skill reserves, so might as well put that here too. Here’s a GIF for your perusal:

All in all, going down this route would be more work, and I don’t like work, so the decision to ditch the pixel artsy look is still pending.

*) I didn’t actually have a term in mind, just wanted to make you think about something offensive and realize it came from your own mind. Tsk tsk.

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Yes. We will accept chubby astronaut as a viable alternative to lazy pixels. You gotta put more efforts in background scenery though, no excuse about animating those he.

Yesh, cell animation is always a bit problematic because it is workload-y. You might want to think about a way to turn this to your advantage through clever design choices – which you already have! What about a Rayman-kinda approach where the hands and legs don’t need to give two shits about how they connect to the body (Disclaimer: Rayman’s leg positions are actually very well-thought to give the illusion of attachedness).

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