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A moment of optimism

Plot twist: the development has not stalled! It’s actually progressing somewhat nicely, making me say things like “hey old pal o’ mine, maybe this game could be released before the end of the year” before I catch myself and give myself a sharp slap on BOTH cheeks, because that’s how Jesus did it.

After the slap fight was over, I went and cashed in the one free month of Unity Advanced Teams to get access to Unity Cloud Builds. As a struggling indie developer, I don’t have a Mac so I can’t make iPhone builds myself, so I just needs meself some ‘Cloud.

The Cloud Builds monthly cost is 9 bucks plus tax, with one month free trial. That’s probably 9 bucks plus tax and a one month free trial more than the game will ever make, so I need to be mindful of the budget.

Here’s a GIF of level 13 in case you’re wondering how that particular level is faring:

478kb of 2x speed GIF goodness, where I made a typo totally on purpose.

PS. I also decided to just destroy the idea of making hi-def graphics instead of the pixel ones. What was I thinking? I would never finish the game if I would to go down that road and— and pixel art rulez! So screw you, mass appeal! PS^PS: I’m telling you this here in this PS, because I’m afraid of the backlash. Nobody reads a PS, so I should be safe.

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Re: post scriptums about pixel art: Yeah, you never struck me as one who would skip opportunities to enjoy pixel art. Also, looks better than Ultima-klooni for example already now (though it has other admirable features other than art). Still remember that data suggests that this is the difference between ‘9 bucks plus tax’ and ‘27 bucks and tax’.

Also, happy to expect this by Christmas!

No more excuse to delay the release! Who knows what will happen now? Will it end up making 9 bucks to cover development costs…?
PS: maybe not!

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