Making Games Saving World

Site Focus

I tweaked the blog focus a bit.

Thus far, the blog was about everything and nothing at once, mostly focusing on the latter, but now it’s about..

Making games, saving world!

(So not, for example, about correct grammar or sentence structures.)

If you don’t believe me, look at the tagline under the Planet Jone logo – it wouldn’t lie to you. (You can’t see the logo on the smaller mobile screen, in which case look at the above words in bold and just choose to believe.)

What that means is that I shall try to steer the out-of-control style and content of the blog into a direction that is either about games or social and planetary conscience, with occassional strokes of madness sprinkled evenly in-between.

The “About” pages are now updated to make a bit more sense, and FOUR different ways of following Planet Jone have been introduced: RSS, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I calculated it should quadruple the amount of readers from 2 to 8 -that’s the magic of Internet!

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