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New Name: Moonshot Mission

As a general rule, you can rename your unreleased project once a year, and because the first Planet Jone game has been in development for… years, it was high time to seize the chance.

What was formerly know as Operation Balalaika (boo!) is now called…

Moonshot Mission
For a one-man indie project, it’s really important to have robust version numbering.

I know most people wanted this post to end here, but it won’t because I want to continue writing. So, here are the reasons for this super-marketirific naming change are:

  • I never liked to say Operation Balalaika (boo!) out loud. In theory it’s fun, but in practice it grinds any sentence to a halt and makes the listeners pack up and leave.
  • Moonshot Mission is more descriptive of the events in the game. It’s also kinda wordplay’y, which I like, ‘cuz I’m a nerd.
  • The original story had a Soviet Russian protagonist going in an US moonbase to rescue people who didn’t want to be rescued. This story *) was conceived during the Barack’n Joe era, back when world politics were in a somewhat nice, semi-civilized phase. Looking at what’s going on in real-life USA & Russia today, making them seem jolly just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Thusly, the hero is now from the Finnish Space Force and the moonbase is a United Nations research center! Much better! But, the name Operation Balalaika (boo!) doesn’t make sense in that context anymore.

Now I just need to go visit all the pages in the Internet to ask them change the name for each and every bit of HTML.

*) Using the term extremely loosely here.

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