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32 out of 50

Today I was just casually drinking my sixth cup of coffee, and staring out of the window at the passing birds and planes and a Superman, when I suddenly remembered I had a blog and also have been claiming to be working on a game!

I’m a bit annoyed at the past me for putting the current me in this position, as there’s only 5 months remaining of the year 2019 and on the Moonshot Mission page he claims the game would be out this year?

5 months is something like 18 minutes in Planet Jone time, so the brief sense of urgency transformed instantly into mad panic and now I’m churning out new levels and crying and yelling at the past me. I hope he hears the strange howling coming from the future and moves the release deadline to 2020.

Anyways. 32 out of 50 levels are now done, and I wonder if it’s time for a tiny break.

I also made this:

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