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Now that Moonshot Mission has been launched (a sentence no-one thought would ever be written), I’m scratching my moustache like Pablo Escobar, and wondering where to jump into next.

Pablo after completing Moonshot Mission’s True Ending.

Since I’ve anyways decided to dedicate the rest of my waning life to impact games, I think I’m going to be sorting through my kilometer-long list of games with impact links, and post about what I uncover from my bookmark folder. (Not that folder – I’m still talking about impact games here!)

Also, because I rushed to get Moonshot Mission (v.0.9.5) out for the Finnish Independence Day – for the humor value – I actually rushed it out with some bugs and things left unpolished. For example, the very last button to Planet Jone does not work. (That’s why you’re not here, reading this.)

So, even though I do not plan to keep updating Moonshot Mission, I think to appease the gods of OCD, I will have to fix the bugs and declare it v1.0.0 – THEN I can close that case. (Until Moonshot Mission II: The Revenge of the Person You See at the End.)

Moonshot Mission isn’t an impact game, but to get some impact out of it, I figured I’d kick off a small marketing drive to help Ukraine, i.e. probably some sort of a “for each download, 10 UAH will be donated to United24” campaign.

Moonshot Mission is free, but Ukraine is not (of Russian invaders) so that campaign sounds like a match made in … some strange place in my head. Well, we’ll see how it goes.

Ok, ok, but what comes after THAT?

—- an imaginary person

Good, solid question there, Imaginary Person. I’ll answer.

Moonshot Mission did maybe run over the planned schedule by about 10.000%, but it did reach the goal of teaching me the full pipeline of making a game alone, from start to finish, all the way to App Store and Google Play.

So, I want to try to create at least one actual game that I can claim falls under the term “impact game”.

My favorite ideas of mine currently are:

  1. Climate Change Clicker: a cookie clicker variant, where you need to click away every single molecule of extra CO2 for the atmo. The “factories” you’d unlock would be based in the best-in-class scientific solutions in real world, listed for example by the Drawdown crowd.
  2. The Undeclaration of Human Rights, where you, as the malicious Mr. [insert your favorite dictator here], need to individually destroy each article in the universal declaration of human rights.

So. To recap. What’s next: posts where I blabber about my bookmarks, and another 8 years of waiting for a game.

Not to be missed, so come back for updates, or follow on social media for the same updates. The RSS feed is the cleanest, most old-school way to see the updates one additional time. Find all them links from the About Planet Jone page.

Also, write a comment below! About anything. I want to see if the comment system still works, as this site has been up from around 2005 and I have no idea how everything is under the hood. It’s probably housing a family of rats in about 86 generations.

If I don’t get any comments, I will become upset. And you don’t want to see me upset. Because I eat a LOT of ice-cream when I’m upset.

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My trusted channel for donations to Ukraine is United24, the official platform by the UA government. Easy, efficient, and can be found at (they also have Mark Hamill in their ambassador roster!)

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