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Learn to tell time by playing Lil’ Clock

*UPDATE*: This blog post has been updated with brand new exclusive information, in the most readable way possible. Please enjoy the reading experience of your life!

Well, to prove (to myself mainly) that I can solo-dev a game from start to finish again, after Moonshot Mission, I did. This time it took a month instead of eight… years… so some of the slack in the process has been eliminated, I guess.

The new app is time-teaching for kids in Finland called Kellonen (“Lil’ Clock“), and it’s out already in the App Store and Google Play, BUT only in Finland, so clicking those links will just make you sadder if you’re already outside of the happiest country in the world. all over the world!

Naturally it makes me sad to make you sad, so I hereby promise that a global English version will be out soon (a word uttered here at Planet Jone with deep fear, uncertainty and doubt.) is out now!

Here’s a banner some liveliness amid all this text:

It’s possible you notice that the color-scheme of this game is quite pleasant. That’s because my wife told me that apps are never pink, but they should be. So, now there’s at least one app that is.

To install the app right now, click yourself to one of these fine establishments:

Google Play badge.
App Store badge.

Is there an impact angle to this, you ask in your head, because you just read those words with your brain — and the spin-doctory answer to that is that “education is one of the most powerful impact tools, and kids are the future, so educating kids is the best.”

Knowing the analogue clock might not yet get us to space, or save biodiversity, but you gots to start somewhere, my bro. (Young people street cred points collected.)

Next game will be for adults again!

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