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One game about human rights coming up

The pre-production of the next Planet Jone game has begun. Many minutes of pre-production has already happened, and many will follow.

The background:

Back when people started shouting on the internet about their human right of being a 100% butthead being violated, I got a feeling that there might not be a human right of being a 100% butthead – and if only someone had defined human rights so we could all have a good starting point for a discussion of this sort.

During my adventures around the previous chapter, I noticed that not that many people, including me, were familiar with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was whipped up by the United Nations in 1948. In hindsight, that doc is a pretty solid write-up of what human rights are, divided into 30 articles, or points.

Naturally, it’s too much to ask that we, as humans, would be interested in reading a document about human rights, so I decided to make a game instead.

That game is The Undeclaration of Human Rights, where your mission is to destroy all the human rights, because what better way to learn about something than to destroy the thing you want to learn about. That’s what I think Indiana Jones tried to teach us about archeology.

Also, I think being funny is the best way to avoid being preachy. At least, it may help hide the preachiness under a thin layer of poop… jokes. And that, my friends, is my plan to sneak the preachiness of this subject past you.

Okay. I’m writing this on a train and the train is about to get to my station, so I have to end this post here. And why not, after all, this is an organic, honest way of ending a post instead of just running out of things to say. Better to go out with a bang than to whimper, is what I think Indiana Jones tried to teach us about blogging.

(If you want to know more about The Undeclaration of Human Rights, comment below or slide into my DMs!)

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