About Planet Jone

This is a site about two things I’ve always liked: digital games and/or saving the world. What if they’re combined? Can games be used to save the world? Does the world need more games?

Wait! A live feed just popped up. Patching it in…

Live feed from space.
Live feed from space.

Well… at least now we know the Earth’s opinion.

Currently the running theme is trying to finish having just released a game, called Moonshot Mission. For some reason that one refuses to save the world, but it did teach me one-person game development in the modern day.

Now, I’ll take those sugary-sweet learnings and aim them at the general direction of impact games.

While doing that, I’ll post thoughts, notions and comments I have on the cross-section of games and working on a better world.

Like me, blogs are a thing from the past and hard to follow, so you can also use RSS, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be sporadically reminded that this thing still exists.

Come back when you feel like it. I’ll be waiting. Like a lazy cat stuck in a tall tree, wondering how I got here and why I just didn’t stay in the catnip patch.